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Orlando Business Lawyer / Orlando Business Law

Orlando Business Lawyer

Experienced Guidance for Your Business’s Needs

Complex business transactions often include numerous legal matters to be addressed before their completion. The advice of an experienced business transaction lawyer can help you avoid costly legal situations following your transaction, and can serve to smooth your transaction along to an efficient completion.

Godfrey Legal offers comprehensive representation for a wide variety of business transactions. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, attorney Godfrey provides informative advice on your business’s specific needs.

Contact Orlando business lawyer Godfrey online or call 407-890-0023 or toll-free 866-243-9048 to discuss your specific business transaction concerns today.

Business Transaction Advice in Orlando, Florida

Determined to provide efficient and cost-effective representation for your transactional needs, attorney Godfrey works diligently to examine each detail involved in your specific transaction. He can assist with a number of business transactions, including:

  • Purchases or sale of businesses: Offering comprehensive service during the sale or purchase of a building, attorney Godfrey provides educated input on the state of the business. He also assists in the determination of the type of sale, offering legal advice on the benefits of a stock or asset transaction.
  • Acquisitions: Business acquisitions often include legal concerns that might not arise in a normal purchase. Attorney Godfrey is well-versed in the challenges of business acquisitions and acquaints himself with each detail of your acquisition plan to help smooth the process to fruition and avoid costly legal errors.
  • Business contracts: From buy and sell agreements, noncompete agreements, business contracts, drafting leases, to trademark sales agreements, attorney Godfrey has the experience necessary to guide your business to an efficient completion.
  • Mergers: With numerous liability questions involved in the merger of two separate business entities, attorney Godfrey offers knowledgeable advice on blending the entities and their personnel.
  • Domestic and foreign businesses: Owning and operating a business on US soil provides foreign business owners an outlet for obtaining a Visa for business purposes. Attorney Godfrey can assist domestic and foreign business owners with establishing a business in the United States. In addition, through a long-standing relationship with immigration lawyers, attorney Godfrey is able to offer guidance on properly securing business owners’ Visas.

Contact Our Experienced Orlando Business Law Attorney

Whatever your business transaction need, attorney Godfrey has the knowledge and experience to effect efficient resolutions to your business’s needs. Contact Orlando business transactions lawyer Godfrey today to discuss your business’s specific needs.

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