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When A Non-Compete Agreement Extends Beyond Death

By Godfrey Legal |

Not many things last beyond death. Marriage and alimony do not survive death, and neither should a legal agreement. However, that has happened in an incident involving a non-compete agreement. In a case in Alabama, the court ruled that the surviving parties to a non-compete agreement still had to make payments even though the… Read More »


How To Choose A Business Model For Your Startup

By Godfrey Legal |

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important parts of your business startup is the business model. This refers to how a company makes money. This is different from the revenue model, which only takes into account customer transactions. A business model is broader and incorporates employees, locations, marketing, and suppliers. However, coming up… Read More »


COVID Pandemic Leads To New Commercial Real Estate Trend

By Godfrey Legal |

It has been over a year now since the coronavirus made its way to the United States. This virus caused a global pandemic, forcing lockdowns, masks, and even business shutdowns. Many business owners were able to avoid bankruptcy and closures by changing their course. They offered different ways of shopping, curbside pickups, and takeout… Read More »


Florida Man, Several Others File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Song

By Godfrey Legal |

There are a lot of songs that sound alike, and that’s to be expected. After all, there are an estimated 97 million songs in the whole world. There are only so many different note patterns, beats and riffs. It’s possible for someone to write a song that they believe is unique, only to find… Read More »


Asking The Right Questions When Buying A Business

By Godfrey Legal |

Last year was a rough time for businesses. The pandemic and subsequent quarantines caused businesses to lose a lot of money. Many even went bankrupt and were forced to shut down. Now, things are starting to look up. Florida and many other parts of the country are starting to reopen. Therefore, if you’ve been… Read More »


Alleged Discrimination Among Small Business Contracts

By Godfrey Legal |

Unfortunately, discrimination can be found in pretty much every area of life. From areas such as employment to housing to relationships, businesses and individuals tend to discriminate against people based on factors such as their age, gender, race and disability. This also happens when business owners try to procure small business contracts. The government… Read More »


Orlando One Of The Top Areas For Business Startups

By Godfrey Legal |

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing companies all over the country to shut down, entrepreneurs are moving forward with their business ideas. The pandemic isn’t stopping them from fulfilling their goals. They are moving forward, especially in the Florida area, where business startups are on the rise. In the U.S., Orlando is ranked as the… Read More »


Florida Court Dismisses Apple Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

By Godfrey Legal |

Many companies, especially tech companies, are concerned about copyright infringement.  After all, each company seems to use their own proprietary technology to create computers, smartphones and other electronic devices. When another company steals this information, it can lead to damages such as profit loss. However, not all copyright infringement cases are valid. The United… Read More »


Court Strikes Down Extremely Broad Confidentiality Agreement

By Godfrey Legal |

There’s a lot of competition among industries nowadays. Technology, financial and healthcare fields see it the most. These employers hire employees and often force them to sign confidentiality agreements. These documents are given to employees to sign when they are given confidential and proprietary information that is to be used with that company only…. Read More »


Online Businesses Proven to be Pandemic-Proof

By Godfrey Legal |

Entrepreneurs may be concerned about the current economy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantines and stay-at-home orders, many businesses have shut down and filed for bankruptcy. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. Starting a new business now would probably be a bad idea, right? Not necessarily. While a brick and mortar business may… Read More »

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