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Orlando Liquor License Lawyer

Obtaining a Florida Liquor License

Florida statutes can catch the unwary in a cumbersome and time-consuming bureaucratic morass when applying for a license to sell beer and wine for on-premises consumption. The assistance of an experienced attorney can simplify the process significantly, saving you time and hastening the day you can start making money. Also be aware that if you want to sell “hard liquor” or “spirits” (generally, vodka, scotch, bourbon, etc.), the process gets even more complicated, and possibly quite expensive, if you have to buy your license. Orlando liquor licensing lawyer Godfrey can assist you in all such endeavors, guiding you through the obstacles of obtaining your license.

Having assisted both local and major-chain restaurants, bars, resorts and liquor stores in obtaining the necessary licenses, attorney Godfrey can take you through the steps of applying for/buying/transferring an appropriate license for your business. This process should begin before you sign a lease or even before you layout plans for the construction of your store.

Although Florida is blessed with extremely responsive and customer-oriented Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco licensing offices throughout the State, attorney Godfrey can often assist in reducing the time it takes to obtain your license. Having worked with many of these offices, attorney Godfrey is able to assist you in obtaining permanent, as well as temporary, licenses to get you in operation within only a few days or weeks.

In addition to assisting with the application process, attorney Godfrey can help draft, review, and negotiate the purchase of the sometimes quite expensive licenses when their availability is limited. The State of Florida limits the number of full liquor licenses in each County, and virtually all such licenses are taken. New licenses become available only as the County’s population increases. As a result, you may have to buy an existing license from a current license owner. Attorney Godfrey has developed the necessary contacts and know-how to assist his clients in locating and negotiating the purchase of such licenses on terms and conditions suited to their requirements.

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