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Category Archives: Trademark And Copyright


Copyright Infringement By AI Generators

By Godfrey Legal |

When you have worked hard to create unique content, such as artwork, books, recipes, articles, music, and other business ideas, it can be frustrating when someone else copies it without your permission and without any remuneration. The problem is that it’s not just people copying the work of others – we now have machines… Read More »


Trademark Infringement Issue: Jack Daniels Vs. Bad Spaniels

By Godfrey Legal |

Jack Daniel’s is known for its Tennessee whiskey, but another company is trying to take advantage of the alcohol maker’s goodwill by creating parody pet products that are tarnishing the Jack Daniel’s name. A dog toy that looks like a bottle of popular whiskey has got the alcohol maker doggone mad. The Bad Spaniels… Read More »


Copyright Infringement Over Chocolate Bunnies

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think about copyright infringement, what comes to mind? Maybe a published article or a song. Perhaps an invention or work of art. Do you think about chocolate? Probably not. It’s a battle of European chocolatiers as Swiss brand Lindt has sued Lidl, a German discount retailer, for replicating its popular chocolate Easter… Read More »


Using Copyrighted Photos Without Permission

By Godfrey Legal |

You’re a real estate broker and while searching online, you see a beautiful photo of Orlando that you want to use for your marketing materials. You see a photo of animals that you want to use or your veterinary website. So you get a copy of the photo and place it online or in… Read More »


Comedian Lewis Black Files $10 Million Copyright Infringement Claim Against Pandora

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of copyright infringement, you may think of those who create art, written content, and music. And while designers, writers, and singers are typically the ones who get their works copied by others, they’re certainly not the only ones. Comedians can also get their performance copied by others. This was what allegedly… Read More »


Copyright Infringement: Celebrities Vs. Paparazzi

By Godfrey Legal |

Paparazzi hiding out in bushes to get exclusive photos of celebrities are nothing new. Celebrities have been harassed by paparazzi since the 1950s in Italy. In the United States, there are many publications that focus on celebrity stories and photos. While most movie stars try to shield themselves and their families from these annoying… Read More »


Pirate Site Operators To Pay $1 Million Each For Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Online piracy has become popular in recent years. With everything now available online, it’s easy to download movies, games, music, and software without permission. This practice may be common but it’s illegal and can lead to hefty fines. ABS-CBN, a media company based in the Philippines, recently won a court case against 21 different… Read More »


Country Star Sued For Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Songwriters often have a huge task by creating songs that sound like no other. Unless a person knows every song ever created (all 97 million of them), it’s likely that they will somehow copy another song in some way. Perhaps the lyrics or harmony will be similar. Maybe certain notes or structure will sound… Read More »


Actor Donald Glover Sued By Florida Rapper For Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

It’s true that a lot of music sounds alike. It’s not uncommon for modern songs to have elements of previous ones. However, if you copy specific elements without permission from the original creator, then you can be sued for copyright infringement. A rapper from Florida is claiming that a song from Childish Gambino, the… Read More »


Florida Man, Several Others File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Song

By Godfrey Legal |

There are a lot of songs that sound alike, and that’s to be expected. After all, there are an estimated 97 million songs in the whole world. There are only so many different note patterns, beats and riffs. It’s possible for someone to write a song that they believe is unique, only to find… Read More »

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