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Category Archives: Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Transactions Holding Steady

By Godfrey Legal |

There’s been so much talk about how badly commercial real estate has been affected by the pandemic. Companies are losing money on their investments so they want workers to return to the office. Sales are down dramatically. These are all things the media wants you to believe, but the truth is that commercial real… Read More »


Commercial Real Estate Industry Dealing With Recession, Remote Work

By Godfrey Legal |

The housing industry has gone out of control in the past few years, with homes selling for way above asking price in some areas. The commercial real estate market, however, hasn’t been doing as well. Commercial property sales have dropped 16% since last year as companies are wondering what to expect in the workforce… Read More »


Want To Invest In Commercial Real Estate? Here’s How To Get A Loan

By Godfrey Legal |

The real estate market is hot right now and many people have dreams of investing in it. But of course, investing takes one thing: money. And not everyone has a lot of it, so they may have to take other routes to get a hold of it. Namely, loans. If you can get a… Read More »


Boomerang Effect Causing Commercial Real Estate Growth

By Godfrey Legal |

Commercial real estate transactions declined during the past few years as COVID ravaged the nation. Employees were forced to quarantine and work from home, making office space unnecessary, especially for smaller companies. That has changed. COVID cases are on the decline and job openings are at a record high, since millions of people quit… Read More »


Hotels A Hot Commercial Real Estate Commodity In Florida

By Godfrey Legal |

When it comes to real estate trends, it can be hard to stay current. Who would have predicted that in 2021, homes would be selling for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars above their asking price? The commercial real estate industry is also seeing a boom in certain areas. In early 2020,… Read More »


How To Invest In The Commercial Real Estate Industry

By Godfrey Legal |

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in early 2020, the state of the commercial real estate industry has been iffy, to say the least. With quarantines and mask mandates in place, many companies made the decision to allow employees to work remotely. While this decision was a no-brainer for smaller businesses, larger… Read More »


How Commercial Real Estate Will Be Affected In The Future

By Godfrey Legal |

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every part of the economy since it made its way to the United States 18 months ago. While residential real estate has seen explosive activity this year, commercial real estate has been a little slow to take off. With more and more Americans getting vaccinated, some businesses are… Read More »


Electric Vehicles Could Lead To Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

By Godfrey Legal |

Electric vehicles have become all the rage in recent years. Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet and other auto manufacturers are creating cars that are solely battery-powered — no gas required. However, these vehicles require frequent charging, which creates a minor inconvenience, especially since charging stations are not as common as gas stations. That could change soon,… Read More »


What Will Happen To Commercial Real Estate As The Economy Improves?

By Godfrey Legal |

When the coronavirus hit the United States in early 2020, many businesses were affected. Hotels, retail spaces, and offices shut down as the virus forced Americans to quarantine in their homes. Companies were unable to make money and as a result, they stopped paying the rent on these buildings. More than a year later,… Read More »


What Will Become of Commercial Real Estate in a Post-COVID World?

By Godfrey Legal |

When the coronavirus pandemic reared its head in the United States back in March, people were ordered to stay at home to prevent the spread of disease. This meant that office workers were forced to work from home. Well, not many had to be forced to work remotely. Many are still required to work… Read More »

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