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Category Archives: Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement


New Law Prohibits Employers From Using NDAs To Silence Sexual Harassment

By Godfrey Legal |

While non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are good tools for protecting trade secrets and important information within a company, some employers take them too far by not allowing employees to disclose illegal activities in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. This will no longer happen in the United States thanks to a new law. In December,… Read More »


How Non-Disclosure Agreements Work

By Godfrey Legal |

There’s a lot of competition out there. No matter what type of business you have, there’s always someone looking to steal your ideas and make money off of them. That’s why many companies have non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place for employees. Also known as confidentiality agreements, NDAs are legal documents that keep sensitive information… Read More »


Misuse Of NDAs Among Religious Organizations

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), you may think of employers in technical fields using them to protect trade secrets. However, these documents are broad-reaching and are being used for a variety of purposes. The religion field is especially known for NDAs, using them to abuse others and keep it a secret. Well… Read More »


Court Strikes Down Extremely Broad Confidentiality Agreement

By Godfrey Legal |

There’s a lot of competition among industries nowadays. Technology, financial and healthcare fields see it the most. These employers hire employees and often force them to sign confidentiality agreements. These documents are given to employees to sign when they are given confidential and proprietary information that is to be used with that company only…. Read More »


Is it Time to Get Rid of Non-Disclosure Agreements?

By Godfrey Legal |

It seems as though almost every company asks employees to sign some type of agreement before hiring them. One common is a non-disclosure agreement. This document prevents employees from sharing a company’s private information or trade secrets with others. This may include sensitive data or certain procedures the company uses to create a product…. Read More »


Florida Agency Files Employee Poaching Lawsuit

By Godfrey Legal |

Sometimes companies that work in the same niche or have skills that can help each other decide that they want to work together. While this type of agreement can be beneficial, it can also turn out to be messy if there is not a solid agreement in place. It can also lead to misuse… Read More »


Questions to Ask Before Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

By Godfrey Legal |

Many industries are highly competitive. Take technology, for example. Companies such as Apple and Samsung are always trying to come out with new and innovative phones. Video game companies like Nintendo and Playstation want to create games for which users will pay top dollar. Information is power, and it’s worth a lot of money…. Read More »


Should Your Business Require a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

By Godfrey Legal |

Many businesses, particularly large technology companies with many competitors, make their employees sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). These agreements can help a company protect their confidential information. This may include customer data, client lists, trade secrets, procedures, recipes, ingredients and other information that a company uses to make money. Does your business have one in… Read More »


Do You Need a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

By Godfrey Legal |

Nowadays, technology and trade secrets are big factors in businesses. It seems as though every company has special processes and materials used to create their goods and services. Nobody wants to fall prey to competitors. It is already commonplace to see smaller companies trying to knock off clothing, handbags and other products in order… Read More »


Former Assistant for Mariah Carey Sued for Violating Non-Disclosure Agreement

By Godfrey Legal |

If you’ve ever been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you may think nothing of it. After all, what could actually happen if you don’t abide by it? Well, you could be sued. This is what is happening to a former assistant for pop superstar Mariah Carey. Carey is suing the woman, who was… Read More »

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