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Category Archives: Franchising Your Business


Why You Might Not Want To Franchise Your Business

By Godfrey Legal |

In the past, franchising was primarily limited to fast food restaurants. That has changed in the past decade, though. Now it seems as though every business model can be replicated, from pet care to oil changes to retail to travel to pest control. As a business owner, though, you need to be aware that… Read More »


How To Choose The Right Franchise

By Godfrey Legal |

When COVID hit the United States in early 2020, people started evaluating their lives and careers. Is working 9-5 how they want to spend the rest of their working careers? Do they want to work their butts off to make someone else rich? This led many Florida residents to quit their jobs and pursue… Read More »


Rise In Microfranchising

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of franchises, popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell come to mind. However, not all franchises have to be large, well-known companies. Smaller franchises, called microfranchises, are gaining in popularity. Microfranchising began in less-developed countries to help pull residents out of poverty. In a nutshell, it involved selling… Read More »


Franchising In The Food Industry After COVID

By Godfrey Legal |

The COVID pandemic created a lot of challenges for businesses, particularly restaurants. Fast-food restaurants were allowed to stay open to some degree, but dine-in restaurants, particularly ones that focused on fine dining, were forced to close for public safety. Many pivoted by allowing delivery and to-go orders, but others closed permanently. While franchising offers… Read More »


Can A Virtual Company Become A Franchise?

By Godfrey Legal |

To deal with the pandemic, many companies are creating online companies. These virtual businesses come with fewer startup costs, but what happens when they want to expand? Can they become franchises like brick and mortar brands? Many of these companies are food-related brands designed to augment the offerings of restaurant operators. These virtual restaurants… Read More »


Affordable Franchises For Older Entrepreneurs

By Godfrey Legal |

For those who want their own business but need a lot of support, a franchise is a great option. Franchises allow you to be your own boss but without all the stress of coming up with a product or service. When you think of franchises, you may think of fast food restaurants such as… Read More »


How To Turn Your Business Into A Franchise

By Godfrey Legal |

Many fast food businesses have good business models that make them ideal for franchising. But the truth is that if your business has a proven system for making money, it can be franchised. Does yours pass the test? Besides a good business model, a business should have a strong brand that’s recognizable by many…. Read More »


Why Franchising Might Be a Good Option for Older Americans

By Godfrey Legal |

Decades ago, a lot of people would have retired at 60 years old. Not many would have continued working or even considered a career change. But 2020 is different. Many of us have struggled financially this year and need to keep working for longer to make ends meet. Another thing to consider is that… Read More »


New Trend: Multi-Unit Franchising

By Godfrey Legal |

Many people are interested in owning franchises because it can be easier than starting a brand new business. With a franchise, you get an established business with a solid customer base and marketing plans in place. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a business will be successful because chances are, it… Read More »


Is Now a Good Time to Purchase a Franchise?

By Godfrey Legal |

With COVID-19 shutting down businesses temporarily—some for good—potential business owners are scared of the future. Many have had their eye on franchises for some time and are feeling uneasy about the fact that they may have to shut down and lose revenue. After seeing the unemployment statistics and hearing about all the companies filing… Read More »

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