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Steps to Selling Your Small Business

By Godfrey Legal |

Maybe you’ve grown your business to the best of your ability and you are now ready for other opportunities. Perhaps you are in poor health or simply ready to retire. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs sell their businesses. When it’s time for you to make that decision, you want to make sure it’s… Read More »


Should Interns Be Forced to Sign Non-Compete Agreements?

By Godfrey Legal |

It seems like all sorts of companies are taking steps to protect themselves from the actions of their employees. This is typically done through a document called a non-compete agreement. These agreements help eliminate competition by limiting where an employee can work should they decide to leave the company. In this job market, this… Read More »


What to Know About Healthcare Startups

By Godfrey Legal |

In the past several years, entrepreneurs have been focusing on healthcare technology. While healthcare can be a great industry to break into, business startups in this category face unique challenges. A healthcare startup is not like a typical technology startup. The medical field features strict regulations and complex systems, causing many startups to quickly… Read More »


How Non-Compete Agreements in the Healthcare Industry Affect Patients

By Godfrey Legal |

Many companies require that their employees sign non-compete agreements. These agreements are restrictive in nature and prohibit employees from working with competitors should they separate from the company. Non-compete agreements are becoming increasingly common in various industries, particularly highly competitive fields such as technology. Healthcare workers are also subject to these agreements, and it… Read More »


The Penny Hoarder Suing The Smart Wallet for Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

In this digital age, copying someone’s work is very easy to do. Some people use another entity’s work word-for-word, while others may copy one’s trade secrets so that the work looks almost identical. When it comes to websites, there is a lot of competition. In any category, there are just a few sites that… Read More »


Getting Out of a Construction Contract

By Godfrey Legal |

You may have chosen a contractor to help you build a home. You may be all set to buy a condo that is still under construction. In both of these situations, there would be a construction contract in place outlining the scope of work, as well as deposits and payment schedules. Maybe you have… Read More »


Why Finding Funding is Challenging for Business Startups

By Godfrey Legal |

Starting a business can be an exciting proposition. You get to see your ideas in action in the market and see them make a difference in the lives of others. While having your own business can be much better than working 9-5 in a job you hate, operating a business startup is not without… Read More »


Types of Mergers

By Godfrey Legal |

Deciding to merge your company with another or acquire a new company can be an exciting venture. Such a business move can help you eliminate competition, grow your current business, increase profits and poise you for success. However, merging a business is not an easy task. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that… Read More »


Trademark, Copyright, Patent: What’s the Difference?

By Godfrey Legal |

Starting a business is hard. There are so many elements involved. Not only do you have to come up with a solid plan to make money, but you also have to protect your ideas. So many scammers out there are looking for easy money. If they get a hold of your ideas, they can… Read More »


Should You Franchise Your Business?

By Godfrey Legal |

The main goal of an entrepreneur is a successful business that makes money. It’s always good when a company is successful. After all, who doesn’t like making money? However, with success often comes tough decisions. What is your next step? How do you increase your revenue? Is franchising a good idea? Franchising is not… Read More »

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