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How To Turn A Startup Into A Thriving Business

By Godfrey Legal |

It seems like everyone wants to be their own boss and have their own business startup. However, owning your own business is not an easy venture. It’s not for the faint at heart. You may have a good idea, but does your business have what it takes to be successful? Not many do. Statistics… Read More »


What To Do When There Is A Breach of Contract

By Godfrey Legal |

Running a business is not all fun and games. There are a lot of elements involved and one thing you need to be concerned about is your contracts. Contracts are legally binding but there will likely be instances where you or another party cannot fulfill your obligations. Maybe there are financial or weather-related issues… Read More »


Selling Products Online

By Godfrey Legal |

Want to sell a product? Today, it’s easier than ever. The internet has opened up so many doors for inventors and entrepreneurs looking to make money. But it’s not as easy as just posting product descriptions and photos on a random website. You need to have a plan in place. There are several ways… Read More »


Rise In Microfranchising

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of franchises, popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell come to mind. However, not all franchises have to be large, well-known companies. Smaller franchises, called microfranchises, are gaining in popularity. Microfranchising began in less-developed countries to help pull residents out of poverty. In a nutshell, it involved selling… Read More »


Hotels A Hot Commercial Real Estate Commodity In Florida

By Godfrey Legal |

When it comes to real estate trends, it can be hard to stay current. Who would have predicted that in 2021, homes would be selling for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars above their asking price? The commercial real estate industry is also seeing a boom in certain areas. In early 2020,… Read More »


Can You Sell On Amazon As A Sole Proprietorship?

By Godfrey Legal |

There’s a lot of money to be made in the world of ecommerce. Many people are trying their hand at selling items on sites such as Amazon. If you’re considering this business route, you likely have some questions and concerns. For example, you may already operate your business under a sole proprietorship. Is this… Read More »


What Employees Should Know About Non-Compete Agreements

By Godfrey Legal |

There are literally millions of jobs available right now. This is putting companies in a bind, since this means there is fierce competition for jobs. It’s a worker’s market right now. If they’re not happy with working conditions, they will quit and find other employment. This is putting employers in a bind. Many are… Read More »


Copyright Infringement: Celebrities Vs. Paparazzi

By Godfrey Legal |

Paparazzi hiding out in bushes to get exclusive photos of celebrities are nothing new. Celebrities have been harassed by paparazzi since the 1950s in Italy. In the United States, there are many publications that focus on celebrity stories and photos. While most movie stars try to shield themselves and their families from these annoying… Read More »


Getting Out Of A Real Estate Contract

By Godfrey Legal |

Buying or selling a home is a huge decision. There is a lot of money and many elements involved, plus the process can be extensive and complicated. Because of this, many buyers hire a real estate agent. This involves signing a contract, which may not seem like a big deal at first. But if… Read More »


Women Affected More Than Men By Non-Compete Agreements

By Godfrey Legal |

Non-compete agreements are controversial. They’re great for the business who is requesting one, as they prevent competition from their employees. However, they limit employment for the workers, which can lead to stagnant wages. Employees end up stuck at a company with no salary increases or advancement. There’s often no way around these restrictive agreements…. Read More »

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