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Property Inspection

General Checklist For Physical Inspections

Whenever dealing with leasing or buying land, a building or space in a building, it is important to do your homework regarding the physical condition of the property. Here is a preliminary list of items I recommend my clients investigate.

1. Utility inspection as to operating conditions, capacity, code compliance for particular uses, and costs of upgrade and repair.

2. Mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc) status regarding operating condition, life expectancy, code compliance, adequacy and potential costs of replacement and repairs.

3. Presence of environmental/health contaminants (mold, asbestos, etc.), and potential need for invasive testing and costs for testing.

4. Evidence of historical uses and potential need for additional investigation.

5. General repairs and deferred maintenance issues (water leaks, standing water, corrosion, staining, etc), and costs of upgrades and repairs.

6. ADA and other code compliance issues related to particular uses, and costs of upgrades and repairs.

7. Condition of interior and exterior surfaces, evidence of condition or maintenance issues, and costs of upgrades and repairs.

8. Fire safety (sprinkler system, alarms, and wall and roof penetrations,) and costs of upgrades and repairs.

9. Roof and parking surface conditions, and costs of upgrades and repairs.

10. Termite and other infestations, and costs of upgrades and repairs.

11. Utility usage history (12 months) for water, gas and electricity should be reviewed for building envelope integrity and overall energy efficiency; results could prompt the need for further investigations.

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