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Orlando Business Lawyer / Blog / Trademark And Copyright / Singer Luke Combs Helps Fan Sued for Copyright Infringement

Singer Luke Combs Helps Fan Sued for Copyright Infringement


Many people love music and will try to make money by creating products featuring their favorite singers. Using a person’s likeness without their permission, though, is considered copyright infringement.

However, one country music star doesn’t care that a fan is using his likeness to make money. In fact, when she was sued for copyright infringement by another company, the singer stepped in to help.

Country singer Luke Combs is coming to the rescue of the fan, who suffers from a medical issue. The woman suffers from congestive heart failure and selling merchandise, particularly tumblers and T-shirts featuring Combs, was her only job.

The Florida woman was sued by a company ordering her to pay $250,000 to Combs for selling items using his likeness. She was selling tumblers and T-shirts through Amazon, with one Combs-themed tumbler turning a profit of $380. The woman was unaware of the lawsuit until she discovered she no longer had access to the money she earned from Amazon. The woman was hospitalized for her medical condition when the suit was being decided, so she never even knew she was being sued. She then discovered the lawsuit notice in her junk email folder on an AOL account she rarely uses.

Combs responded, saying he was completely unaware of the lawsuit. He was shocked and said the news made him sick. He did not initiate the lawsuit, but apparently there is a company responsible for going after businesses making counterfeit items for millions of dollars and the woman was targeted for some reason. This led to Combs’ lawyers seizing $5,500 from the woman’s Amazon account.

Combs spoke with the woman and pledged to double the money locked in her Amazon account for a total of $11,000. The humble singer also said he would be releasing his own tumbler with all the proceeds going to the woman to help pay for her medical bills.

Combs said that he is “not greedy in any way, shape or form. Money is the last thing on my mind.” He also promised to fly the woman and her family out to one of his shows this year so he can give her an apology in person.

So how was the woman sued in the first place? Lawsuits like this one, in which  dozens or even hundreds of defendants are sued at the same time for illegal merchandise, are increasingly commonplace. They are particularly rampant in the Northern District of Illinois, as these cases tend to result in mass settlements and judgments with little notice.

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As seen in this case, copyright infringement lawsuits can be initiated by companies that are not even involved in the products in question. This can be a frustrating situation for the person being sued.

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