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Make Sure Your Startup Has the Right Technology


Many Florida entrepreneurs are looking to start new businesses in the Sunshine State. In fact, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area ranks #1 for startup activity. However, when it comes to growing and sustaining a business, Florida is much further down the list.

Keeping a business startup afloat is no easy task. There is immense competition, and it takes a lot of money to pay bills and keep inventory on hand. It’s a challenge to figure out what exactly you need to help your business grow. One thing to think about early on, though, is technology.

Technology is a necessity to effectively operate your business. Thinking about your technological needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Most startups need just the basics to get them up and running. Here are some vital elements of technology you should have in place if you are planning to pursue entrepreneurship on a full-time basis.

High Speed Internet

Dial-up internet is a thing of the past. In order to operate your business smoothly, you need the fastest internet possible. Internet service allows you to go online as well as communicate with customers. Every business needs it, so contact several providers and look for business packages. DSL and broadband offer the fastest speeds, but make sure you choose a service that is also reliable and cost-efficient.


Virtually every business has a website nowadays. That’s because nobody uses a phone book anymore. They search and compare services and products online. If your customers can’t find you online, you’ll get lost in the competition. Your customers will seek the services of a competitor. So spend the money on a well-designed website that will serve the needs of you and your customers, or at the very least, create the site yourself.

Social Media Presence

Most people have a social media account, and they use it to find out news and events from their favorite companies. Social media is an excellent way to promote your goods and services, allowing millions of people to see your posts in just minutes. If you haven’t already, get a business Facebook and Twitter account set up. Then you can create daily posts to lure in customers.

Mobile Devices

Communication is one of the keys to success for a startup. While a business should have desktops and laptop computer for employees, mobile devices are also a must. Mobile devices allow more flexibility for you and your employees. Work can get done from virtually anywhere, so if someone cannot be in the office, they can still be productive.

Learn More About Business Startups 

While starting a new business can be exciting, it can also bring out legal issues. Make sure you avoid costly mistakes by having an experienced legal professional on your side.

Orlando business startup lawyer B.F. Godfrey from Godfrey Legal has extensive experience with both the legal and business worlds. He can help your business run smoothly. Give our office a call at (407) 890-0023 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.



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