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Orlando Business Lawyer / Blog / Business Start Ups / Key To Startup Success: Staying Focused

Key To Startup Success: Staying Focused


When it comes to building a successful startup, many entrepreneurs focus on the money. And while proper funding is important, what’s even more important is the owner’s time. Time is the main ingredient. In fact, you should spend as much time as possible on business startup activities, especially in the beginning stages.

You can adapt to account for the other required elements of a successful business. Time, on the other hand, cannot be adapted. You need to go all in.

Startups can thrive when there’s not enough money. Apple is a good example. Today, the technology company is worth trillions of dollars. But without spending the proper amount of time on a company, the business can’t grow.

But this is easier said than done when the entrepreneur has a family, and things are different for the genders. While men may help out around the home to some degree, ultimately, women tend to spend more time on child rearing and household tasks.

What this means is that men usually have more time to devote to startup activities. As a result, their companies are the ones more likely to succeed. Women are often spread thin as they’re torn in multiple directions. Cooking, cleaning, and childcare are just some duties that divert a woman’s time away from working on her business.

It’s all about staying focused, which is hard for the typical multi-tasking woman. So for Mother’s Day, women need to start thinking of ways to do less around the home and do more for their business. Women are more than likely doing many non-essential things in the home. As for the things that are essential, such as washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, and cooking, think about how you can outsource these tasks. Can your partner or children help out? Maybe you can hire a housekeeper or nanny. Perhaps you can spend less time cooking and grab takeout or delivery once in a while.

Statistics show that women’s businesses tend to be smaller and less profitable than men’s businesses. Both men and women need to eliminate distractions and focus on building their startups, but clearly women have to work harder on this.

So how can you remedy this situation? Review your calendar for the past week and see what non-startup activities you could have given less time to or skipped altogether. Now review your schedule for the next week. Look at activities you can cut to give you more time to spend on your business startup.

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While business startups require a lot of money, they require a lot of time as well. Without an entrepreneur’s full attention, a business has a lower chance of succeeding.

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