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Monthly Archives: November 2021


How To Invest In The Commercial Real Estate Industry

By Godfrey Legal |

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in early 2020, the state of the commercial real estate industry has been iffy, to say the least. With quarantines and mask mandates in place, many companies made the decision to allow employees to work remotely. While this decision was a no-brainer for smaller businesses, larger… Read More »


Pirate Site Operators To Pay $1 Million Each For Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Online piracy has become popular in recent years. With everything now available online, it’s easy to download movies, games, music, and software without permission. This practice may be common but it’s illegal and can lead to hefty fines. ABS-CBN, a media company based in the Philippines, recently won a court case against 21 different… Read More »


Franchising In The Food Industry After COVID

By Godfrey Legal |

The COVID pandemic created a lot of challenges for businesses, particularly restaurants. Fast-food restaurants were allowed to stay open to some degree, but dine-in restaurants, particularly ones that focused on fine dining, were forced to close for public safety. Many pivoted by allowing delivery and to-go orders, but others closed permanently. While franchising offers… Read More »


Misuse Of NDAs Among Religious Organizations

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), you may think of employers in technical fields using them to protect trade secrets. However, these documents are broad-reaching and are being used for a variety of purposes. The religion field is especially known for NDAs, using them to abuse others and keep it a secret. Well… Read More »

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