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Monthly Archives: January 2023


New Law Prohibits Employers From Using NDAs To Silence Sexual Harassment

By Godfrey Legal |

While non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are good tools for protecting trade secrets and important information within a company, some employers take them too far by not allowing employees to disclose illegal activities in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. This will no longer happen in the United States thanks to a new law. In December,… Read More »


Effects Of Non-Compete Agreements

By Godfrey Legal |

Non-compete agreements are a controversial subject. These contracts are between employer and employee and prohibit the employee from competing with their former employer upon separation. The non-compete may prohibit activities such as working for a competitor, starting a competing business, hiring former colleagues, or developing competing products or services. These documents often include geographic… Read More »


Trademark Infringement Issue: Jack Daniels Vs. Bad Spaniels

By Godfrey Legal |

Jack Daniel’s is known for its Tennessee whiskey, but another company is trying to take advantage of the alcohol maker’s goodwill by creating parody pet products that are tarnishing the Jack Daniel’s name. A dog toy that looks like a bottle of popular whiskey has got the alcohol maker doggone mad. The Bad Spaniels… Read More »


Hot Franchises For 2023

By Godfrey Legal |

2022 has been a rough year for many people. The economy is unstable, with the price of gas, food, housing, and everything else going through the roof. Stocks are dropping. Many people have been laid off from their jobs as companies decide to go back to the office. Affordable housing has been nonexistent, leading… Read More »

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