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Category Archives: Trademark And Copyright


Florida Restaurants Battle Over Name in Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

By Godfrey Legal |

What’s in a name? A whole lot, if you’re an entrepreneur. Your company name is how consumers identify you. Many names become so popular that they become household names, like McDonald’s, Walmart and Target. When naming a company, some choices are more popular than others, and even if trademarked, they can still be duplicated… Read More »


Florida Ale House Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

By Godfrey Legal |

When you hear music piping in through the sound system at a local tavern or ale house, you may not think much about all that is involved in the process. But that music is not simply coming from a stereo system. Establishments must pay for that music through an agreement they have with the… Read More »


Florida Printer Suing Tumbler Company for Disclosing Trade Secrets

By Godfrey Legal |

There is so much competition in the retail space today. Even some companies who work together may want to take each other’s secrets to make a profit. That is what a Florida company is claiming happened to them. Trinity Graphic, a printer from Manatee County, is suing drinkware company Tervis for breaking a non-disclosure… Read More »


Florida Court Decides Who Can Use Commodores Name

By Godfrey Legal |

Being a member of a popular band is not all fun and games. When a band becomes popular disagreements tend to arise. Some members leave the band and then try to make money from the band’s success. This was the case for members of the 1970s funk band the Commodores. Several members of the… Read More »


Adidas and Art Basel Settle Trademark Infringement Suit

By Godfrey Legal |

One of the most important rules in the realm of entrepreneurship is that you cannot use the name of another person or entity without their permission. This is because use of a trademark can cause confusion in the business world, and this can lead to negative consequences, such as loss of revenue and reputation… Read More »


H&M and Wildfox Embroiled in Trademark Infringement Battle

By Godfrey Legal |

There is a lot of competition in the clothing industry. Companies do whatever it takes to increase sales and sometimes they end up infringing upon the trademarks of other clothing brands. Sometimes this is done accidentally; other times this is done on purpose. Two clothing brands are currently battling over trademark infringement. First, H&M… Read More »


Netflix, Amazon, Others Sue Over Copyright Issues

By Godfrey Legal |

Piracy and illegal use of videos has been going on for decades. It may seem as though nothing can be done to stop it, but movie studios are fighting back. Eight studios have filed a copyright lawsuit against TickBox. TickBox is a streaming media player that connects to TV sets and downloads pirated videos… Read More »


Protecting Your Trademark

By Godfrey Legal |

Nothing is more frustrating than coming up with a great idea—only to have someone steal it. This happens more often than you think. Someone sees a company become a financial success by selling a certain product, and the person creates an imitation of that product—a knockoff—for a much lower price. When someone copies your… Read More »

Primer on Trademarks Vs. Urls and State Corporate Registrations

By Godfrey Legal |

I often encounter clients that come to me to complain about infringement of their “trademark” based on the assumption that particular actions they have taken constitute a registration of a “trademark”. I have outlined some basic distinctions which will help you determine the status of your “trademark”. A domain name (a/k/a URL) is a… Read More »

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