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Category Archives: Trademark And Copyright


Spotify Tool To Aid in Detecting Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Copyright infringement is common in many fields. Many individuals and companies aim to protect their written works, creative works, products, trademarks and trade secrets through copyright protections. Despite these protections, though, infringement can still take place, causing the originators to lose considerable profits. Spotify, well-known as a digital music service, is in the process… Read More »


Florida Politician Accused of Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Politicians are always trying to one-up each other. Almost every person running for office has developed a campaign that talks trash about the opposition. While this allowed—and even expected—using protected works from another person in an effort to degrade them is hardly ever acceptable. In some cases, this can even be considered copyright infringement…. Read More »


Volvo Sued for Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

When you think of copyright infringement, you may think of individuals or small companies trying to replicate the work of a large, popular corporation. However, sometimes large companies are the ones who are the problem. They often think they are invincible and can do whatever they want. This includes taking images created by others… Read More »


How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Starting a business is no easy task. There are numerous laws and regulations that must be followed. Companies require a lot of money, so getting sufficient funding can be difficult. In addition, there are copyright issues to be aware of. Copyright issues may seem trivial when compared to the other issues involved in a… Read More »


Singer Katy Perry Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Halloween Costume

By Godfrey Legal |

Halloween has come and gone, but pop star Katy Perry is dealing with a legal issue stemming from a costume she wore back in 2016. On October 29, 2016, Perry posted a photo of herself on Instagram. In the picture, she was wearing a costume depicting Hillary Clinton. However, Perry did not own the… Read More »


Ariana Grande Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Forever 21 for Trademark Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

Fast fashion retailer Forever 21 has hit hard times in the past few weeks. First, news broke that the store would possibly file for bankruptcy soon. Just days later, Forever 21 was sued by pop star Ariana Grande, claiming that the retailer used her name, music and likeness in their advertising campaigns. Grande has… Read More »


The Penny Hoarder Suing The Smart Wallet for Copyright Infringement

By Godfrey Legal |

In this digital age, copying someone’s work is very easy to do. Some people use another entity’s work word-for-word, while others may copy one’s trade secrets so that the work looks almost identical. When it comes to websites, there is a lot of competition. In any category, there are just a few sites that… Read More »


Trademark, Copyright, Patent: What’s the Difference?

By Godfrey Legal |

Starting a business is hard. There are so many elements involved. Not only do you have to come up with a solid plan to make money, but you also have to protect your ideas. So many scammers out there are looking for easy money. If they get a hold of your ideas, they can… Read More »


Understanding Copyright and Trademark Laws

By Godfrey Legal |

When a company thinks about its assets, its physical assets, such as property, equipment and vehicles, may be the first things that come to mind. However, a business should not overlook its intellectual assets. Intellectual assets can include a variety of things. They may include documents that show processes. They could also include artistic… Read More »


Florida Brewing Company Sues Another Over Similar Packaging

By Godfrey Legal |

Trademark and copyright infringement are issues that many businesses face. Even if they sell a product that is obviously different from a competitor, they can be sued over their marketing strategies. Using packaging that is similar to that of a competitor can be grounds for a lawsuit. Entrepreneurs want to protect their products and… Read More »

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